Two point commitment to the idea of Hues.

Rafi Surender . The path had been long but the journey short .

Doing Hotel management was just the beginning , Rafi and Surender saw a friendship blossom beyond any one that mattered to them.

A Passion , a camera , a long term fixation started off with Surender big hearted investment of his months salary to Rafi’s interest. He still carries the same camera to his shoots which formed the glue to this idea of starting something which will bring benefits out of a passion .

Surender , a man of patience ,silent and smart . The rational in the three. Always been the rope that held them together by his balanced nature . Grounding the two whose passion and emotions have been kept in check by a strong personality .

 All said and done . Rafi handles whats catches the eye with a camera . Designs and strokes by Prasanth . Market handling by Surender . It was a match that set well even before they planned it . It was meant to be

 Hues studio now stands as a testimony to the friendship of these three friends ….. Their dreams , their passion and their long hours of conversation made it impossible not to leave imprints behind .They Also plan on bringing dreams of another to life by giving hope and chance to aspiring artists too . That’s an idea in the pipeline. But as of now , they freeze captivating moments for a change.

Come and experience the journey that once was theirs and still continues .