A Salem native, I grew up in a family business background in music. While studying in the U.K, I started exploring fine art photography as a more direct way to express my impulses in art. Later, I moved to Bengaluru and started working in Commercial and Advertising Photography.

    My work is characterised by a deft treatment of colour and stylistic versatility.   My creative goal is fusing commercial making with the aesthetic of fashion and art. My projects span art, fashion and commercial worlds. Over the course of time, I catered to some of the biggest brands in the country such as Puma, Bajaj, Louis Philippe, Himalaya, etc; I was featured in Vogue Italia and my work was exhibited at City Arts Factory in Florida. My work appeared in various publications in the Untied States, Europe and Asia including Lyun Magazine, Féroce Magazine, Period Magazine, Travel with Style Magazine.